Wednesday, 25 February 2009

New Willies!

I've just received an email from Tradition announcing further reworked/converted and remastered Suren 30mm 18th century figures - a few French and the first of the Prussians. The 'Gentlemen' set above is my favourite. Whether David Wilson has been able to match Suren's standards i can't say as i haven't seen any of the reworked figures in the flesh, but if i had the time and money (the new sets work out at about £1.50 per figure) for a SYW project i suspect i'd choose the Willie range.


Snickering Corpses said...

Do you happen to know if they've redone the other civilians yet too? Especially the noble women.

DC said...

You'll find all of the redone sets listed at the link i've posted - everything on that page is either a remoulded Suren original, or a new variant/conversion. The 'new' figures are only sold in sets, the Willie figures listed individually elsewhere on the Tradition site are from the old moulds. I did hear that new sets become available some time before they appear on the Tradition site - so it may be worth emailing them for the very latest list. cheers.

Big Andy said...

I know this is an old item (I was looking for X range AWI info ) but remarks aneant New Willie caught my eye.
David now sculpts the JACDAW 30mm 18th centruy range available from Old Glory UK and yes Civilian sets are in the offing at a price considerably less than the £1.65 Tradition now charge for Willies.
Next release will be the Black Watch.