Monday, 17 August 2009

Garrison ECW

More Phil Robinson creations. These Garrison figures form the pike element of two of the regiments in my ECW collection - the musketeers for which are Hinchliffe, and i think the second photo shows that the two ranges work quite well together (the officer and drummer being Hinchliffe). This particular figure (EW11) is not currently available from Garrison but Rob Young tells me it will be within a couple of months.

I have a couple of Hinchliffe pike blocks sans musketeers and i'm planning to make good on that deficiency via the Garrison range. I could also do with another unit of ECW dragoons... and more Garrison SYW Prussians to serve as Hessians in my AWI armies, and ...


johnpreece said...

ECW wargamers have always been blessed with particularly good figure ranges.

Mini figs foot figures are amongst their best and the heavy carthorse is still a joy. Let us be kind and say nothing about the cavalry. Even Warrior rose to the occasion with a nice little preacher.

Garrison figures were amongst my favourites. I partularly liked the cavalry they had a spledidly dashing Cavalier figure with lace collar and plumed hat. (None of your Partizan press rubbish, wearing a hat his mother knitted for him!) In those days Men were men and big hair, lace and feathers were the way to go.

The realistically large pikes improve the figures considerably, a very nice unit, in fact I wish I had never got rid of my early ECW figures.

Xaltotun of Python said...

Well John, you know the answer to that........


Xaltotun of Python said...

Mould for EW11 came back today - haven't had a chance to cast any yet but should be available by the weekend.


Xaltotun of Python said...

Actually, I lied. It's out now. Though technically this is 'by the weekend', so I didn't lie.

And you saw it here first if you were watching!