Sunday, 14 March 2010

A Brief Charles Stadden Interlude

They are not shiny, they're not even wargame figures, but they are by Charles Stadden - so well worthy of inclusion.

These images are just 3 pages from the slim 'Model Soldiers' volume published by Tradition (strictly speaking Belmont-Maintland Publishers Ltd) in 1967. Text by JBR Nicholson and photography by the doyen of model soldier snappers - Philip O Stearns.

All the figures illustrated are 54mm, and would probably be considered a touch naive by the standards of today's top modellers, but they retain a real charm that certainly appeals to me. More from this book anon.


Anonymous said...

The Stadden figures are full of charm. If I did not collect wargames figures I would collect the British Army Staddens.

Big Andy said...

That particular book was a distillation of Tradition magazine- with a bit of added text. Many of the pics appear in Tradition. Chas Staddens work is always worth seeing .