Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Vintage Hinchliffe From The WHC

Mike Ingham (owner of the Wargames Holiday Centre) was kind enough to send me these images recently. They form part of a substantial collection of vintage, original 'Gilder era', figures that Mike had unearthed.

These particular chaps are 'first edition' Hinchliffe British Napoleonic heavy dragoons - the trooper was remodelled (and significantly enlarged) in the late 1970s but the officer and trumpeter remain in the Hinchliffe catalogue to this very day.

More vintage Hinchliffe from the WHC in due course.

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Lee said...

What a great unit! I'd love to see more of those early units, I used to drool over the pics in early 'Wargames illustrated' magazines. The early Hinchliffe figures were a little spindly maybe but so full of character. I know Gilder started with Hinton Hunt's, I wonder if he sold those off when he replaced them with Hinchliffe figures of his own design.