Saturday, 18 May 2013

Everybody's Got One

Leading the charge or the rout? The foot are all basically Hinchliffe, with a head swapped Suren rider on a Connoisseur horse.

Surely every AWI wargamer has had a version of the 2nd New Hampshire regiment circa 1777 in their collection at one time or another? Personally i blame Charles Lefferts - who can resist the allure of sky blue coats and buff small clothes? Whilst the more recent Troiani depiction of the unit is likely to be more accurate i prefer the more colourful Lefferts/Mollo version - so in this case i'll definitely be 'painting the legend'.

Inspired by the ex-Gaskin piece Mike Siggins showed us some time ago i'm going for an all action unit.

A couple of officer conversions (Foremost French with new heads). 

Now all i need to do is finish the 30 odd rank and file.......


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Beautiful! How do you render the black areas of the figures, please? Is that a gray undercoat with black oil washed over top?

Best Regards,


Der Alte Fritz said...

You need a little more "furl" in your flags. After you glue the halves together , use a paint brush handle to curl te paper on a diagonal axis from te staff. It will look more natural.

johnpreece said...

very nice, the French are an especially good idea.


Stryker said...

Simply superb!

Ross Mac said...

Yup. Mine were 54mm plastic and not nearly as dashing.

DC said...

Thanks gents, very kind. So far i am pleased with the way they have turned out (my trademark bobbins photography has bleached the colours somewhat).

Stokes - black is matt black dry-brushed with a light grey (specifically Humbrol 64). You could get a similar effect by undercoating in light grey, washing with black and then wiping off the highlights - that's how i do black horses. Also, i have a couple of vintage units where the black areas are simply a black wash over white, this looks similar too... and may well be the technique that you're using at the moment?

cheers all.

Mike Siggins said...


Great to see you back painting.


Anonymous said...


Just superb, Love the conversions, almost thought you'd given up.

Looking forward to seeing the full unit!