Sunday, 5 April 2015

Stearns at Hinchliffe

From Mil Mod February 1973 the legendary Phil Stearns (the OSS, Penthouse and Mil Mod - beat that for a CV) pays a visit to Hinchliffe Models.

For a little more on Stearns see Shep Paine's tribute.


Carlo said...

What a great article Doug. Fantastic to see so many wonderful old photographs of an iconic company and the personalties who helped forge what we have today. Excellent post mate.

Matt said...

Excellent article from the "Golden Years".

Big Andy said...

Yes I have that one in my almost -9except for the one that were nicked0 run of Mil mods from no1 throught to about 2005- Thants an awful lot of magazines .... some are ven quite useful

Doug said...

30 to 40 Thousand figures a week!
People must be hoarding them, as I can just buy them used in handfuls!

Dave said...

Great article DC A very flash looking Peter G one suspects an MG in the carpark. That is an extremely large output I shudder to think how many may have ended up disappearing in spring cleans and estate clean-ups, as you say they are hard to get for that volume of production.

I was rather taken with the 10" howitzer, a very early mark indeed. ;-)

Red_Cardinal said...


You can buy many/most of the Hinchcliffe ranges from Ian Hinds ( Very cheaply I might add :)