Thursday, 14 January 2010

Great Gilder Set Pieces 4

Another Gilder Mil Mod cover shot (and another image that you'll also find in Curt Johnson's book). Peter Gilder appears to have got far more coverage in Mil Mod than in Battle - even when Battle was a separate title dedicated to wargaming ....odd....?

This image is a good example of why Johnson's book was so frustrating for us mere mortals - the majority of the figures pictured were never made commercially available. As many of these 'specials' were superior to the Hinchliffe range it was frustrating indeed. The main line unit pictured here (4th Foot) and the opposing rebel riflemen are good examples of this. Actually the 4th could be replicated without the need for God-like talent - take a Hinchliffe Grenadier, scrape off the shoulder wings and remove the head and sword, replacing the former with a line infantry head. I could never face doing that 30 to 40 times (probably just as well for what's left of my sanity).


Stryker said...

I have that Curt Johnston book and those pics were always a great inspiration. Eventually it prompted me to build an AWI American army that I still have.

Classic stufff...


Anonymous said...

The AWI is one of the periods I can never make up my mind on...Perry/Foundry "perfection" or Glossy Gilder "pure-charm".

With so many "other plans" perhaps it is just as well..


Lee said...

I recall staring at that cover in my (wargaming)youth. 1976..... made me 18! I would love to see some of the Stuart Asquith 'shiny' ECW pics again from that time, Hinchliffe & Minifigs. Great stuff, keep it coming.