Friday, 15 January 2010

Peter Gilder's 'Painting Wargame Figures & Armies'

The most comprehensive 'how to' PG wrote was this databooklet included in the December 1981 issue of Mil Mod. Despite being nearly 30 years old (yikes!) there are many wise words within.

I have a PDF version (courtesy of Mel Spence) - you'll have to email me if you want that.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Fascinating reading -- What a great way to start off the weekend!

Best Regards,


Ross Mac said...

The man did know what he was about didn't he? and how to pass it on.

Mike Siggins said...

Superb. So pleased to see this again.

Conrad Hawkwood said...

I remember eading that all thatose years ago, have to go and look in my mum's shed and see if I can find my old Mil mods

Conrad Kinch said...

Wise words. I wish I had time to follow his instructions on painting horses.

Marc said...

Nice - how do I email you as I would love to read a copy. Thanks?

Me - I am on Marc dot flack at GTUK dot com

Anonymous said...

please email me a copy at

many thanks

Dave Tuck

yennif said...

I Know it's a year later but I have only just discovered this Blog! Is a PDF of Peters' article still available and if so would you send me one?

Great reading by the way; both the Blog and the article!


Simon Finney

yennif said...

PS my e-mail address is;


Simon Finney

Anonymous said...

Any chance of sending the pdf to me? mike.monaco {at]

Seb Palmer said...

Hello. I'm also keen to get the PDF if poss: seb at seb palmer dot com is my email