Sunday, 31 October 2010

More of Young's Surens

A couple of 17th C. types this time. The ECW officer is definitely a Suren, presumably the Cardinal is C 16 Cardinal Richelieu...?

It's a shame that Gilder's Hinchliffe ECW are some of his smallest 25mm offerings (at least of those still readily available) otherwise i'd have added Suren's ECW personalities to the collection long ago (then again, if over-sized commanders were good enough for Callan....).


Stokes Schwartz said...

Incidentally, what did Peter Gilder use to varnish those figures he painted himself? Humbrol, or something else?

Best Regrads,


johnpreece said...

Thank goodness you're back, and finally in a sensible scale.

One or two interesting points about the figures.(At least to me). Only the Cardinal has the traditional Willie round base. The others seem to have been soldered onto squares of tin. Which would tend to support the idea they were one offs made to order by Ted Suren.

The first figure is very close to a King Charles I that I have had for forty + years. Either a one of conversion or the officer of Halberdiers and Charles share a common ancestry.

DC said...

Stokes - When asked Gilder always (at least to my knowledge) replied that he used Humbrol enamels (to which we can add oils for horses, etc.) and the painting guides i've posted previously back that up. Of course Hinchliffe and Humbrol had a commercial arrangement for a while (which made sense for Hinchliffe as back then Humbrol enamels were really rather good).'s a reasonable assumption that PG usually used Humbrol gloss varnish.

John - I don't yet own any of Suren's ECW and have only seen pictures of a few of assumption is that the officer pictured is the Charles figure 'tooled up'.

cheers guys.