Monday, 1 November 2010

En Avant!

Mike's Elite Miniatures French officer points the way towards much shinyness over the coming months.

When i posted some of Mike Siggins' work previously i managed to overlook this splendidly painted figure from Elite's 1806-14 range (i reckon Mike has absolutely hit the sweet spot with this chap - great work). I've always been in two minds about Elite - they produce some of the very best figures i've ever seen, and yet too many of their offerings seem rather awkwardly posed and anatomically challenged.....they do look good en masse though (and yes, i know many would say the same about some of Gilder's creations).

The Gilder connection is probably well known - Peter Morbey painted for Gilder and sculpted a few figures for the Connoisseur range, and there's an obvious Gilder influence in Morbey's work. To my eyes there's also a Suren influence - particularly in the recent 'Collectors Series'. All of which contributes to making Elite one of the shiniest of current manufacturers (even if there is a scandalous lack of gloss finish in the galleries on their website!).


Bloggerator said...

Agreed on all points.

I have a largeish stash of Elite Napoleonics that I promise I will attempt to make a start at getting my head around the idea of perhaps painting some day.

pp said...


A real eye opener, clearly not the same as DC's style but equally as effective. I assume that acrylics are still being used?

I wonder if this accounts for the subtle differences?

Another great example PP