Thursday, 23 December 2010

Baa Humbug

What could be more seasonal than a few sheep?

Shaun and friends by Hovels, shepherd by Hinchliffe. Incidentally, from the mid 70s Hovelmeister Dennis Coleman was one of Gilder's team of crack figure painters (so there is a shiny connection here - this posting is no mere piece of fluff...or should that be wool...).


Paul´s Bods said...

How do the police get a sheep to stop?
They shout "pullover"! :-)
Merry X-mas

Riding-Master Mogg said...

Merry Christmas. I have been meaning to ask you, what "shiny varnish" are you using? I have been using Vellejo but it is not shiny enough.



DC said...

Thank you Paul - dire jokes are always welcome here (...insert your own punch line...).

Mogg - i've used International Japlac High Gloss for the last 4 years or so. A single thin coat produces a rock hard finish with a very high sheen. It's a DIY type oil based varnish and the nay-sayers will tell you that it's bound to yellow over time (indeed it does look yellow in the tin, and if you're careless enough to let it pool on a figure) but i've not noticed any problems (i should perhaps add that my figures see very little direct sunlight - significantly it's UV light that causes traditional varnishes to yellow).

Prior to Japlac i used Humbrol Gloss Cote - a couple of coats produced a nice sheen but somehow the figures always felt slightly tacky to the touch (not that anything undesirable was sticking to the figures, but i found the feeling slightly unnerving). Gloss Coate was supposedly developed to eliminate yellowing so if i ever get round to painting any Frenchies or other tasteless types dressed predominantly in white then i may use Humbrol on them...just in case.

If you're put off by all the oil based tomfoolery then i believe Siggins uses Plaka gloss varnish - and the results speak for themselves.

cheers all.

Mike Siggins said...

Yes, Plaka. One, or two thin coats. Also like Marabu Klarlack, which seems to be more widely available.

Riding-Master Mogg said...

Many thanks for the advice. I know a art shop where I can get the Plaka varnish and I am using acrylics.