Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Saxons by Doug Mason

Last year Mike Ingham sent me a number of shots of Napoleonic units from the WHC collection, of which the above Doug Mason painted Elite Miniatures Saxon Guard unit is one of the most striking. Mason is of course capable of very intricate and detailed work, but he's also capable of producing figures that look superb in units. My units tend to look like groups of individuals so it's an ability that i'm certainly envious of. I suspect it comes down to having a clear vision of the end result before you begin - planning where each figure will be placed within the unit, knowing which details to paint and which to leave out, etc.

At it's peak the WHC collection boasted literally thousands of Mason painted (and sculpted - of which more anon) figures - most of which were commissioned in the post-Gilder by Gerry Elliott. The numbers will be reduced now as Mike Ingham sold a fair number last year (some of which will feature here soon...ish), indeed as Mike was willing to part with the Saxons i don't know whether you'll find the above unit at the new WHC.


Anonymous said...

Really sad to hear about Mike. A real Gentleman.


Ray Rousell said...

Nice looking unit, the Saxons in red always look good.

rob3rod said...

I was privliged to use these figures when I last attended the WHC, as a birthday present. Its really sad that Mike has passed away as he was a real gentleman, and when umpiring would always sneakily pass tips to players struggling with the rules,ie me.
Gerry and Mike made a very good partnership.
You dont possess a photograph of the Zastrow Cuirassiers as well, as these were the figures that really inspired me to attend the whc.
thanks Robbie.

Big Andy said...

Lovely models- I keep getting the urge to do 40mm SYW Saxons but maybe I should go Napoleonically pewrhaps-and in 30mm ish
Yep they are tasty.

SteveGill said...

I'm pretty sure these figures are from Elite's 1800-09 Saxon range, whereas the Coinoisseur guard figures (SX6 & 7) were in the later more French-style uniform.

Don't want to look pedantic (moi?), but thought I'd better mention it in case anyone fancied recreating this very handsome look.

DC said...

Thanks Steve, i'm sure you're correct - having taken a closer look the figures are definitely more Morbey than Gilder. Where would we be without pedants...8-)

Doug Mason said...

The Saxon Guard Inf.that I painted were in the later uniforns,I also designed the figures for Peter Gilders Coinoisseur range, the unit shown are Elites.