Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Recently i came across a '70s vintage Hinchliffe 25mm British Napoleonic 5.5" howitzer, it's a relatively small piece so i thought it would pass for an American King howitzer (the howitzer equivalent of a grasshopper). In the end it turned out to be too big - but i won't tell anyone if you won't...

Hinchliffe equipment pieces (in all their various scales) have always been of the highest quality and (casting issues aside) remain unsurpassed even today. Even those obtuse characters who didn't like Gilder's sculpting would often equip their armies with Hinchliffe guns and wagons. The man behind the majority of these pieces was, of course, Frank Hinchliffe himself. Although a very talented scale modeller, hobby innovator, and the man behind one of the most influential companies in wargaming and military modelling FH seems to have largely avoided the limelight and received little recognition for his role in developing our hobby. With this in mind i've embarked on a little research, and with the very generous help of various wargaming luminaries i hope to present a small article on Frank Hinchliffe soon.

Incidentally, the gun crew are conversions of Hinchliffe ACW artillerymen.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice piece indeed. Never knew that Frank Hinchliffe made the artilery etc. Have to agree that even by todays standards they are excellent (not just because I have just read M.Siggins column in Battlegames magazine and you are now, officially, famous!).