Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Peter Gilder Bibliography

This is my current list of articles and publications authored by, or largely focusing on, Peter Gilder. It's something of a work in progress, and i am sure i am missing things. Please comment if you can add anything to the list.

Wargamers Newsletter:
Issue 18 'What is Gilder up to These Days' (letter extracts edited by Don Featherstone)
Issue 91 'Counsels of War' (letter extract edited by Don Featherstone)

Miniature Warfare
April-July 1970 'In The Grand Manner' (preparations for a Waterloo refight)

Hinchliffe Models Publications:
1972 Catalogue 'Painting Guide'
1976 Hinchliffe Handbook 'Bases for Wargame Figures'
1977 'Hinchliffe Guide to Wargaming'

Military Modelling:
May 1974 'CALLAN goes to war' report on the film production by Phil Stearns 
August 1975 'The Battle of Waterloo' OOBs, etc. by PG, David Golden & Duncan MacFarlane
September 1975 'The Battle of Waterloo' a battle report by PG, David Golden & Duncan MacFarlane
May 1980 'Wargamers' Holidays' a visit to the WHC by Ken Jones
December 1981 databooklet No. 6 'Painting Wargame Figures and Armies'

Battle (and Battle for Wargamers):
March 1978 'Personalities on Parade' (an interview with Don Featherstone)
June 1978 'Battleground' (a preview of the TV series by Terry Wise)

Miniature Wargames:
Number 1 'A Holiday at the Wargames Centre' by Mike Hodson-Smith
Number 4 'Let's Fight Leipzig: Part 1'
Number 5 'Let's Fight Leipzig: Part 2'
Number 6 'The Sudan'

Wargames World:
Issues 1-5 'A Sudan Campaign'
Issue 3 'In the Grand Manner' (artillery in wargames)

Wargames Illustrated:
Number 40, January 1991 Obituary/Editorial by Duncan MacFarlane

Osprey Publications:
'The Campaign of Naseby 1645' by Stuart Asquith & Peter Gilder, Osprey Wargames 1, 1979
'The Campaign of Leipzig 1813' by Jeff Parker & Peter Gilder, Osprey Wargames 2, 1979

'The Wargame' edited by Peter Young, Cassell & Company, 1972 ('All terrain made and supplied by Peter Gilder of Hinchliffe Models')
'Battles of the American Revolution' by Curt Johnson, Sampson Low, 1975 (illustrated with photographs of PGs AWI collection)


Anonymous said...

I recall an oversize, hardback book possibly called "The Wargame", basically recreating famous battles using miniatures. I am sure it featured Ancients and Waterloo Napoleonics from Peter's collection and it DEFINITELY had his Gettysburg terrain. I kept booking it out from the Library when I was a lad. I will search the attic at the weekend to see what else I can find.


DC said...

Thanks Matt, i had forgotten about 'The Wargame', edited by Peter Young, published in 1972. It is Gilder's terrain therein, and definitely his Napoleonics, and ACW (i think). I think the other armies invaded from elsewhere - e.g. the SYW look like Charles Grant's Spencer Smiths. I'll have to study the credits.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading many of those magazine articles, truly inspiring. I would love to read the obituary though, never got to read that.

Did he ever write describing his painting methods anywhere? many have tried to copy it but few quite achieve that same effect, those shots of ranks of Napoleonics used to make me think he must have spent every hour of the day painting, but he was actually incredibly fast at turning out those units.

Great blog :-)


DC said...

Thanks for the comments. PG wrote 3 short painting guides. I have posted the first already (from the 1972 catalogue), and will probably post the painting section of the Hinchliffe Guide to Wargaming at some point. The last, and most extensive guide, was the databooklet he did for Mil Mod - i have that as a PDF, if you want a copy please email me.

Hopefully i won't be shattering any illusions here, but... PG employed numerous painters to paint for him. Indeed if his ECW and AWI collections are typical then he didn't paint a great deal himself (which is no surprise considering how many figures he was sculpting at his peak). Also, i get the impression that each of his armies contained a number of 'star' units that were beautifully finished and got all the attention, whilst the majority of the units were more run of the mill (though by no means poor of course).


Mike Siggins said...

I am destroyed! Gilder using a school of painters? Noooo!

Seriously, that makes a lot of sense but I didn't want to hear it.

Would love the pdf if you can email.


Anonymous said...

Its great to see some of Pete's stuff on the web. Great man, sorely missed.
I have a bit of his stuff, and would love any excuse to take it off the shelves.

Anonymous said...

Great to read all your comments, I am not sure if I ever met any of you (I assume DT is Dave Thomas??) I would love to get some figures my dad painted (not the outsourced ones) I think Dave has/had most of them..

Feel free to drop me an email


Chris Gilder

mike said...

The death of Edward Woodward led me here.
As most of you know he bought all the Wargames stuff after each Callan film.

If that PG painting PDF is still available I would like a copy if possible.

Mike Roberts

DC said...

Mike - email me at

Ray said...

I have just found this while searching for information on the rules Peter Gilder used for his ACW games.
Does anyone please have any information on these they can share with me.
I am also in the process of building a ACW collection inspired by seeing the 'Battleground' Series on youtube using Hichcliffe and connoisseur figures.
But i need a set of rules from the 70's and Peter Gilders Grand manner ACW adaptation is the one i would like to have if at all possible.
My email is: