Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bill Brewer

Bill Brewer was another master modeller and painter who is sadly no longer with us. Founder member of the South London Warlords, proprietor of the Rye Stamp and Hobby Shop, and paintbrush for hire, the quality of Bill's painting and scratch building was inspirational.

As far as i know Bill's work first gained (inter)national exposure through the pages of Battle - from which the above scans were taken. All 3 images are of the same Renaissance game staged during a club meeting in 1977. The first 2 illustrated an article on the Warlords ('With the Warlords', June 1977).

The majority of the figures in use are, of course, Hinchliffe.

Duncan MacFarlane seems to have been a fan as Bill's work featured frequently in the pages of Miniature Wargaming and Wargames Illustrated.

More on Bill Brewer shortly.


christot said...

over 20 years ago I had the misfortune to briefly live "sarff of the rivaa" and used to visit Bill in his shop, he put me on to the South London Warlords, and I went down to their place a few times. Frankly, they were an unfriendly bunch (that was then, I know a few SLW types these days and they are all diamond geezers) with the sole exception of Mr Brewer, he was a real gentleman, and happy to talk about his painting and have a game with a newbie. I was quite sad when i heard he died, even though I hardly knew him.

Mike Siggins said...

Some would say they are still unfriendly.

Strange post. I was thinking of Bill Brewer only yesterday and actually painted some medievals... then you post this. Spooky.

Top bloke.

Robert said...

Wow, I still have that copy of Battle magazine somewhere.

I remember how those pictures of his Polish Winged Hussars really caught my imagination at the time, and had me pooling my pocket money to buy a copy of George Gush's Renaissance rules.