Friday, 13 November 2009

Warrior Miniatures AWI Range

Over the years i've owned examples of most 'vintage' AWI ranges but these chaps have always eluded me, indeed i've never even seen a listing of the range. This is a review from Battle November 1976. It looks like they might have been compatible with Hinchliffe, Tradition, Garrison, etc. (being slim with decent anatomy), and the choice of subjects was interesting (officers with spontoons no less, and a fifer), so i'd still like to get my hands on some.

Unfortunately the current Warrior AWI range are relatively recent designs in the modern style.


johnpreece said...

Warrior were still in their Leighton Buzzard home then yet even at that point the ranges they did were somewhat convoluted.

I have never seen those figures before despite buying quite a lot of their figures at that time. They actually look rather better than most of their contemporary ranges.

I wonder if Warrior still hold the moulds. I know some rnges are not advertised and only cast to order. I would certainly be keen to purchase a few.


Paul said...

Hi DC i have a few of these miniatures
and they are very nice figures, they fit in well with 25 mil Tradition


DC said...

That's good to know - and frustrating, cos now i really want some...8-) Cheers.