Thursday, 5 November 2009

Brewer Besieged

Some great modelling work by Bill Brewer. I think the town buildings are particularly attractive, and despite being constructed over 30 years ago (where, in general, there wasn't the abundance of materials, parts and tools we have now) i reckon they knock the socks off much of what is available today.

Again the majority of figures featured are the wonderfully characterful Hinchliffe Landsknechts.

I've always been fascinated by sieges (i'm not really sure why....certainly from a wargaming perspective they are a great excuse to build stuff, and then knock it down with lots of artillery) so this article was always going to fire my imagination. Maybe an AWI or ECW siege could be on the cards soon.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Aha! There are photos of this siege model/game in the PSL Guide to Wargaming and another Bruce Quarrie authored introductory guide to the hobby. One photo even features the late Charles Grant Sr. writing and/or checking his orders no less. Never knew that the town and walls had been constructed by Bill Brewer though. What a talent he was!

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

The Old Metal Detector said...

I always loved this cover of Battle - I don't know what happened to my copy. The two inspirations I remember on siege games were Ron Miles' Siege of Dendermonde series in Battle (with lovely S Range Marlburians), and Christopher Duffy's book Fire and Stone. This had an appendix with a fortress siege game at RMA Sandhurst, using Airfix Washington'S Army figures as generic 18th Century types. I never realised the builldings on this Battle cover were by Bill Brewer - I remeber being very impressed by the artillery tower. Thanks for posting it


Anonymous said...

Great blog, I still take a look every week for a bit of nostalgia!

I recall Bill Brewer very well and the Rye Stamp and Hobby Shop was a little gem, full of cabinets of Bill's work. I bought almost all of my figures from there, sometimes cycling down from Waterloo, where I worked, in my lunch hour to grab a few more. He would always be sat behind the counter painting. That was the first place that I saw painted 15mm figures, and the quality of his work simply amazed me. Nice man too, but he used to get a bit frustrated when kids would have him pulling out endless boxes from his little stock room and then purchase just a single figure :-)

Thanks for posting those scans. On a side note can I ask if anyone here ever visited the little shop in Camden Passage, behind Charing Cross station back in the seventies? Another tiny place that stocked the entire Hinchliffe range and was always busy!



Mike Siggins said...

I have never seen that cover, so you immediately get plaudits from me. Fantastic!

In an effort to distance myself from always agreeing, I really, really dislike sieges! Avoid them like the plague. All I will tolerate is a single die roll in a boardgame to resolve them.

I think we should compile a list of nostalgia shops. The topic has come up several times on various fora, but never recorded.