Thursday, 25 June 2009

Lamb's to the Slaughter...

...or maybe they'll do the slaughtering - i suspect it'll depend on my notoriously fickle dice.

Another part of the New York contingent is Lamb's artillery company. Resplendent in blue faced buff they make a refreshing change to the blue and red combo of most other AWI artillery units.

I like artillery - both from a gaming and an aesthetic point of view. Each artillery base is a little diorama in it's own right (or can be if you put a little bit of thought into animating and composing the crew). That said, i've been lazy again and the crew here are standard Hinchliffe castings with just a couple of minor tweeks. The guns are hybrids - Foundry carriages with Hinchliffe barrels.

My AWI rebels probably have more than enough artillery already but i am tempted to do some more.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Gilder at Waterloo....Again..

Unlike everyone's favourite Corsican midget Peter Gilder had many Waterloos - indeed with at least 3 written up for magazines, 1 televised, and no doubt numerous refights at the WHC, PGs Waterloos must have been as frequent as Abba encores....

I am left with the impression that he won them all too.

If you have been left frustrated by the sudden end to PG's series from Miniature Warfare then this article from September 1975's Mil Mod might help complete the picture to some extent as it's an account of a different refight staged by PG and friends 5 years later. Guess who won...

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Gilder at Waterloo

If you haven't already done so then i urge you to visit Clive's Vintage Wargaming blog where you'll find a series of articles by Peter Gilder detailing the preparation for his refight of Waterloo in 1970 - fantastic stuff! Clive's blogs are a real goldmine of information for wargamers and figure collectors alike, and he deserves great credit for the effort he's put into them. Thanks Clive!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Peter Gilder: The Early Years

Here we have Donald Featherstone passing on some of PG's ideas for concealment and surprise to readers of Wargamers Newsletter. This article dates back to Issue 18 - which must be from late 1963 (given that Featherstone began publishing Newsletter in '62) - and is the earliest piece by, or about, Peter Gilder that i have come across to date.

As you might expect PG's ideas are simple but effective. I particularly like his 'unit counters' concept - reminds me of Koenig Krieg (which remain my favoured SYW 'big battle' rules).
This article comes to us via Harry Pearson and Clive - thanks guys.