Saturday, 18 May 2013

Everybody's Got One

Leading the charge or the rout? The foot are all basically Hinchliffe, with a head swapped Suren rider on a Connoisseur horse.

Surely every AWI wargamer has had a version of the 2nd New Hampshire regiment circa 1777 in their collection at one time or another? Personally i blame Charles Lefferts - who can resist the allure of sky blue coats and buff small clothes? Whilst the more recent Troiani depiction of the unit is likely to be more accurate i prefer the more colourful Lefferts/Mollo version - so in this case i'll definitely be 'painting the legend'.

Inspired by the ex-Gaskin piece Mike Siggins showed us some time ago i'm going for an all action unit.

A couple of officer conversions (Foremost French with new heads). 

Now all i need to do is finish the 30 odd rank and file.......