Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More Connoisseur Sudan

Painted by me this time, but 25 years ago (so be gentle). As part of the most newsworthy north/south transfer since Dalglish moved to Liverpool these chaps are also on their way.

I plan to return to the Sudan one day - Jacklex 20mm next time i hope.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Not Shiny, but definitely Unfashionable

Predictably the Perry range gets all the press these days, but for me the most exciting Sudan range remains Gilder's (for Connoisseur). These chaps were participants in Gilder's legendary campaign 20 years ago that graced the pages of WI and WW, and will soon be returning to their spiritual home (that's N. Yorks - not east Africa).

These are all Connoisseur figures apart from a couple of shy Hinchliffe's (nice delicate figures, but small compared to Connoisseur) amongst the grass, and the crouching bloke (from the almost invisible Britannia range - the figures from which are both very attractive and well researched).

More Connoisseur Sudan figures soon.