Thursday, 24 March 2011

It Pays to Advertise

Mil Mod was a fairly broad church in the 1970s and 80s - so there was usually something of interest each month - but even if there wasn't you could rely on the regular Hinchliffe ad. to fire the imagination (even though i could rarely afford the new products featured, and wouldn't have known what to do with most of them anyway).

This ad. from October '77 features one of Hinchliffe's best equipment sets - EG19 Landsknecht Baggage Wagon - you got everything (including the kitchen sink...and 'company shoe carrier'...?!) with this one. Renaissance wargamers were spoiled rotten by the Hinchliffe equipment range - i wish the AWI or SYW had received similar treatment.

This also reminds me that at its peak Hinchliffe Models was close to the complete toy soldier company - producing a vast range of products in everything from 12 to 150mm. I can't think of anyone (with the possible exception of Tradition - which may or may not be a coincidence given Frank Hinchliffe's early involvement with Tradition) who has come close to that level of coverage before or since.

All of which reminds me that that article on Frank Hinchliffe is woefully overdue.