Sunday, 26 June 2011

Suren AWI Conversions

More of John's Suren conversions - a couple of toffs, and the Kings American Dragoons. Horses are mostly Ebob with a few Foremost. Again painting is mainly oil washes on an acrylic base, and i particularly like the scarlet - it's so vibrant it almost glows.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Hero! *

(Or at least a miniature representation thereof)

John recently added some long overdue commanders and personalities to his small but perfectly formed British AWI force, and this is his Banastre Tarleton (complete with 17th LD aide). Suren figures on Foremost horses. All the large areas are oil washes on an acrylic base, detailing is mostly straight acrylics. Tarleton himself isn't the predictable Suren BL officer (N13) but instead a conversion of a Napoleonic figure (J26 Commandant of the Cameronians, Egypt c 1801 - which despite not being listed on the Tradition site is definitely available as Magnus remoulded it last year)...i mean, why go off the shelf when you can go bespoke...

* Not entirely true - young Tarleton was far too rash and tactically one dimensional for my liking, though i'd defend his reputation against rebel propagandists both then and now (yes, i'm looking at you Mel).

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

It Pays to Advertise...Again

From issue 1 of Military Modelling (January 1971). No mention of 25mm, or indeed any scale of figures yet. Interestingly Suren is also advertising Hinchliffe products (as do Garrison in their ad. in the same issue).

This scan comes to us courtesy of the ever helpful Mr Siggins.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Bill Gaskin 3

More ex Gaskin pieces now in the collection of Mr Siggins. This time we think the conversion and painting is the work of Bill himself. As far as i can see the basic figures are all Gilder sculpts apart from a lone Willie (the lt dragoon officer). Great stuff!