Saturday, 29 September 2012


Hinchliffe AWI natives (codes AW11 and 12). I really laboured over these chaps - i've never been any good at large areas of bare flesh (insert your own punchline), nor warpaint. It also has to be said they are not the best of Gilder's work.

The Indian Department officer began life as the American standard bearer - he thanked me profusely for his free transfer to the good guys.

For my money Steve Hezzlewood's FIW natives for Pax Britannica/RSM remain the best available in 25mm - more of which anon.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

18th Continental Regiment

The anticipated vintage content has yet to appear so i'm afraid we'll have to be content with some more of my old tat. Here we have part of the 18th Continental Regiment of 1776. As a tribute to the frugal times of the 1970s i intended to create an entire thirty figure unit from (conversions of) a single figure, but as you can see i fell at the first hurdle (hint - there's a horse in there). The basic figure is Hinchliffe code AW40 Minuteman advancing.

Of the various conversions i was most pleased with the drummer (huge right hand though, potential pugilist).

The OC started life as PF7 Blucher.