Sunday, 31 October 2010

More of Young's Surens

A couple of 17th C. types this time. The ECW officer is definitely a Suren, presumably the Cardinal is C 16 Cardinal Richelieu...?

It's a shame that Gilder's Hinchliffe ECW are some of his smallest 25mm offerings (at least of those still readily available) otherwise i'd have added Suren's ECW personalities to the collection long ago (then again, if over-sized commanders were good enough for Callan....).

The Brigadier's Willies

A few 30mm 18th c. subjects from the legendary Peter Young's collection. I think the majority of these are Suren conversions (though not being an expert in vintage 30mm figures i stand to be corrected) and, as the Brigadier apparently knew and wargamed with Ted Suren, then perhaps they are the work of the master himself...?

I've had these pictures for years, they are not mine, and i can't remember where i nicked them from (though i think i might have taken them from the site of the auction house that was selling them at the time).