Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Great Gilder Set Pieces 1

I was drawn into wargaming by the toys, rather than, for example, a great desire to replay the antics of Napoleon, Wellington, or any of the great generals (though i have managed to mimic the win/loss ratio of George Washington rather well). As a young (and inept) military modeller i was captivated by the photos of the Peter Gilder collection that were published in Military Modelling magazine from time to time, and when i discovered that a cousin had been collecting 25mm Napoleonics i was sold.

This is one of my favourite shots - Napoleon and entourage from June 1975. Unlike some classic Gilder shots i don't think this one has been widely used elsewhere - i can't remember seeing it in any other magazines or books.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Yep, it was those same shots of the Gilder collection in MM and Miniature Wargames that pulled me into the hobby too. The man was truly a master of painting and modeling. Neat photograph!

Best Regards,


Robert said...

Likewise! For me it was the pictures of the Leipzig games in the earliest issues of Miniature Wargames that inspired me to get into Napoleonics again.

I raise my glass to glosscoat and bold, contrasting colours!

Bloggerator said...

You realise I am now bidding on this issue of MM on eBay. See what you've done!


DC said...


You'll also be wanting the next issue which contains the second part of that John Sandars desert armoured cars article, and an article on the A13 cruiser tank.....8-)