Monday, 16 November 2009

Edward Woodward

Has died aged 79.

A great shame, but then we all have to go eventually. Woodward was in two of my favourite films - Callan (of course) and The Wicker Man (cheesy, but entertaining, and filmed nearby). I blame the Callan movie for my interest in the ACW. Woodward owned the Gettysburg terrain for a while (he'd offered to purchase the entire set-up featured in the movie but Gilder wouldn't sell the figures).

BBC obituary here.


Robert said...

He does leave a great acting legacy behind him.

Oh, and in that picture- Catherine Schell *sigh*...

Xaltotun of Python said...

Still remember the old black and while Callan - much better than the later episodes or the film. Something very chilling about that swinging light bulb....

Stokes Schwartz said...

And he was also the Ghost of Christmas Present in the 1985 production of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. What an actor Woodward was.

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

Stryker said...

I can also remember the original black & white TV series which was cutting edge at the time. That swinging light bulb and the music made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck as a kid. Best of all though, the rough-tough hardman Callan painted model soldiers and played wargames! That programme was a huge influence on me as it made wargaming cool at school - even the girls were suddenly (but briefly) impressed with us nerdy types and our toy soldiers.

And of course "The Wicker Man" - I am genuinely sad at his passing...


Anonymous said...

I was genuinely upset when I heard the news. I only recall the colour TV series and film for Callan. Very inspirational stuff for a young lad. (I also read that he kept the Gettysburg terrain for years).

I loved "Breaker Morant"-the Boer War Court Martial film.


Anonymous said...

I also recall the Callan series and it was a big early influence, as said above. Did he not also introduce the 'Battleground' series featuring Gilders terrain/figures? I tried for years to track down copies of those shows but no success.

Sad loss.


Seb Palmer said...

Hi DC,

I'm coming to this thread very late! Obviously I too mourn the passing of Edward Woodward. I love the Wicker man, myself: pretty bonkers, yes, but brilliant, in it's own special way!

But, moving on to more current Woodward related stuff: I'm still beavering away, when I get a moment (all too rarely right now) on a series of posts about Battleground.

I'm intrigued by the pic you've posted here: where does that come from? Presumably a UK wargames magazine, perhaps a Hinchliffe ad?