Monday, 5 April 2010

More 'Orses

I've never been happy with my horses - the finished article always seems a bit dull in comparison to the rest of my toys. So i decided to be a bit bolder with the latest batch, and the dun and grey above are two of the results. All i've done is increased the contrast between the shadows and highlights and i think it's worked. Using lighter colours than the usual Vandyke Brown, black, etc. helped a lot - and is probably the no-brainer answer!

As usual i've used a white undercoat, applied a colour wash ( Burnt Umber oil, and Humbrol Gloss 5 respectively) which is then wiped off, the deepest shadows are painted in with a darker shade of the wash. Lower legs, mane, tail and muzzle are then painted in and highlighted with a dry brush (or a wipe-off as in the dun).


Conrad Kinch said...

Lovely job. Those American dragoon?

Stryker said...

More truly superb brush work there DC!

Big Andy said...

Nothing to worry about there- Horses are easy if you use a proper undercoat- that means WHITE as you do I use much the same method as you but with acrylics and inks as they dry faster. I dropped oils a few years back once I discovered I could get the same effect with faster paints.

Mike Siggins said...


Great close up of the brushwork there; inspirational.

DC said...

Thanks for the comments chaps - very kind.

KC - yes indeed, they are painted as the 3rd Continental Light Dragoons (of Cowpens and Guilford fame, although those of us on the right side of the pond may also choose to remember them for their less impressive performance at Old Tappan 8-)

Andy - Funnily enough one of the reasons i like oils is their slow drying time (albeit i always mix with an enamel or liquin to speed drying) - it gives me time to work at my leisure. Old(ish) dog, new tricks, etc...

Cheers all.

Bloggerator said...

Marvellous job,


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love that style of horse painting, so much brighter and appealing to those like myself who like the 'old school' methods. inspiring.


Paul said...

Beautiful work as always DC

Every time i see one of your posts i cant help but imagine how a unit of 30 mil Stadden Grenadiers would look painted by someone with your enormous talent, Stunning i think !