Monday, 10 August 2009

'70s Baggage

Nope...i'm not referring to your collection of Hawkwind LPs, i mean this collection of Hinchliffe ECW wagons and limbers painted sometime in the mid 1970s by Phil Robinson (he of the big hair, and even more impressive SYW and WW2 collections that featured in early editions of Miniature Wargames).

Robinson's painting style back then could perhaps be described as 'basecoat, highlight and line'. Lining in was done in brown ink drawn on with a mapping pen (i've read of pens being used to line in before but this is the first time i've actually come across someone who's used the technique successfully) - sadly the last 30 years have not been kind to these chaps and the brown ink has turned black, making the overall effect somewhat less pleasing than originally intended.

Much of my ECW collection was painted by PR, so there's more to come. As with the other ECW pieces i've posted these chaps can be found pictured in all their fresh-faced original splendour in Asquith's Naseby Osprey title.

Now then chaps - spot the Minifig.......?


Stryker said...

Lovely looking figures although the chap in the first picture does look like he's just escaped from Trumpton. Are the limbers Minifigs?


DC said...

Frank Hinchliffe will be spinning in his grave - the limbers (and everything else bar 'Windy Miller') are by Hinchliffe. You were right to single out the afore mentioned miller though - he is, of course, the Minifig. Oddly quite a few of the ECW Robinson did for Gilder are MF (mostly officers, etc. and gunners). cheers.

juno said...

Windy Miller isn't a Minifig, he's a Garrison pikeman (and is probably still in production...).
That being said, there's certainly a few Minifigs (notably manning the artillery) in the classic Osprey Wargames No. 1...

DC said...

Doh! I've been out-anoraked. Quite right Juno, it looks like this chap:

It did strike me as odd that there appeared to be no Garrison figs in the Gilder collection - so now we have one. cheers.

Anonymous said...

The Minifig is the artillery box on the last wagon. It was supplied with the MF ECW Culverin gun. The handles have been cut down.

Tim B.