Saturday, 29 August 2009

Siggins Again Again

This time some of the good guys; two anonymous English gents, and the Old Guard equivalent (in that everyone has some) of the British army - the Scots Greys (or North British Dragoons if you want to annoy a Scotsman). Not that you really needed me to tell you that....

Is it just me or is the bloke in the second pic puckering up (perhaps he brought his mistress on campaign, or maybe he's ex public school)...?

The Napoleonic splurge is set to continue for a while with more great stuff from Mike and a couple of other fine gentlemen.


Anonymous said...

Very lovely again (again!).


Mike Siggins said...

"The Pout" is quite common amongst this type of figure. You see it a lot. Perhaps it is a standard head that is used for several figures?