Saturday, 26 February 2011


Over the last year or so my old mate John's painting style has moved slowly away from the conventional layered acrylics to something more.....subtle and stylish (and dare i say shiny). Clearly some malevolent force is at work.....

Exhibit one: (we've seen these chaps before) Connoisseur conversions. The horse flesh has had an oil wash but everything else is layered acrylics - though without that refuge of the dilettante, cad and bounder: the black undercoat. Win a free night with John's collection of Doug Mason Napoleonics if you can spot what's changed since we last met these chaps.

Exhibit Two: Mounted Bicorne general with two Connoisseur conversions. The horse flesh and uniform coats are oil washes over acrylic base coats, the rest of the figures are layered acrylics as previously.

Exhibit Three: Minden SYW Prussian Jager (paint) converted to AWI Hessians. Almost exclusively oil washed apart from the flesh, scarlet and fiddly details. Splendid!


Conrad Kinch said...

Jaw dropping stuff.

Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Yes, I'll go with Conrad's previous comment. The use of oils takes a bit of getting used to, but one can't argue with the results. And it can speed up painting appreciably too.

Best Regards,


pp said...

hi DC

To be frank I would be happy with any of these examples, but your point is well made. I must say that Im also rather smitten by Siggin's work, is that still exclusively acryllics?

It also reminds me that I should get off my backside and get on with my painting and get an order in to Minden. Finally the connoisseur figures are growing on me, I may have to purchase a sample.


Mike Siggins said...

These are just superb. Who would have thought Mindens could carry it off? And that Frenchie!

Yes, acrylics apart from the the horses. But copy these, not mine.



pp said...


I think that mindens have the potential if your prepared to take a crack at them, personally most of mine have been french in white coats so Im reluctant to go "old school/classic" with them, they dont posess the exageration of detail in folds etc. but John has pulled it off wonderfully.

I've got my style just about sorted now and I can say that both you and DC have been a big influence on developing it. Always learning though


Der Alte Fritz said...

I like the arrangement of the Mindens with a front row and the couple of guys kneeling in the back row. The bases need some tufts or small rocks though to break up the green bases.

I really like the Connoisseur conversion of the officer with the map (originally waving his sword)

And those hussars are awesome. I really like the faces of the Connoisseur figures and their body proportions.