Friday, 18 May 2012

Gilder at Waterloo....Preliminaries..

Those of you who've been paying attention will no doubt have realised that an earlier post was part two of a series (i know, you were too polite to mention it), and at last we have part one.

Incidentally, you have to feel sorry for the Prussians (John Tilson and friends), John writes:
'I remember waiting,as Blucher,all one weekend desperately trying to get my Prussians on ... needed a six and only succeded on the penultimate move so you can imagine the impact I had on the game.'

I hope you brought a good book John...


Phil Broeders said...

Some of the guys at the club played Waterloo and the Prussian general had the same problem! I think it was 6 on a d6 as well.

The best way to do the Prussians is to break the battle into (say) 16 turns and say that they will come on in turn 12 (for example).

That way the French player is encouraged to get the battle over quickly before the Prussians turn up (perhaps that was in Ney's mind when he led the desperate charge).

Stryker said...

Hi DC, that looks interesting but the new blogger gallery picture display is stopping me from zooming in to read it. Any chance you could change back to the old style? To change it go: Settings - Posts & Comments - Showcase images with Lightbox - No

Ta, Ian

Foss1066 said...

Very cool! Now I want to form a club called the ghosts of the Humberside Military Society!