Tuesday, 8 October 2013

'A Military Gentleman' now on general sale

John Ray's masterpiece is now available to anyone who missed the pre-launch offer. In short: if you can afford it then buy it, you will not be disappointed.

The hobby has not seen the like of this book before, and won't again (unless perhaps John does another). John and his team have taken the journal of an officer who served in Europe and America, dramatised his story, and illustrated it with literally hundreds of plates, sketches and photographs of John's vast collection of 30mm bespoke figures, buildings, ships and terrain. You get land and naval battles, sieges, vignettes and civilian scenes. Every element of this work is superb, no corners have been cut. It's even physically impressive: a solid 'Troiani sized' (approx 12" by 9") hardback of over 300 pages.

The nearest comparison that comes to mind is Curt Johnson's 'Battles of the American Revolution' but it's a poor comparison - 'A Military Gentleman' blows Johnson out of the water and into the outer atmosphere.

So, if you are an 18th century wargamer, appreciate state of the art sculpting, modelling and painting, or just enjoy a beautifully produced book, then go on, spoil yourself......


Bluebear Jeff said...

Perhaps it should be said that . . . Christmas is coming.

-- Jeff

Big Andy said...

The only mention of this book which actually gives me any idea of what its actually about.