Monday, 14 October 2013

My Hero 2

The future MP for Liverpool by Doug Mason.

Every chap of good taste wants his own miniature Banastre Tarleton, and i am no exception. Luckily  the legend of paint brush and soldering iron that is Doug Mason kindly agreed to create one for me. The basic figure is the Suren British Legion officer (armed with trademark pin sabre) mounted on a Hinchliffe horse (my favourite of the 'dramatic' Gilder horses) that he controls via wire reins (another Mason trademark).

Every sensible scouser turns up to a fight mob-handed, and our future MP for Liverpool is no exception - the British Legion cavalry are hot on his heels. These, and other DM creations, will feature as soon as i've based them up.


Will McNally said...

A splendid figure. I'm looking forward to seeing more of DMs work

Carlo Pagano said...

Beautiful figures expertly converted. You are right, the horse is superb.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow, does look good on that horse. Can we have a William Washington shying away from him next!!



Nice - i will also have your other lads to you fairly shortly!!