Sunday, 22 February 2009

Paint Along with Peter (1)

As promised we have the first of the Peter Gilder penned painting guides - this one from the 1972 Hinchliffe catalogue. This comes to us courtesy of Clive (the 'Old Metal Detector' himself) as i am far too young to posses a catalogue from 1972.

The booklet on 'Painting Wargame Figures and Armies' that PG wrote for Mil Mod in 1981 will follow when i figure out how to host PDFs on the blog.


Stryker said...

I like the bit that tells you that to turn your figure into a collector's item "does not take very little extra effort." Yeah, right - if only it were true...


Mike Siggins said...


What would be really useful is a write up of your techniques. I love that look, and do try to get there, but always fail.

Also, how do we get hold of you on email?

Anonymous said...

Makes me wish I never threw out my old Hinchliffe catalogues now! (Mind you I was 6 years old when this was written!).


DC said...

Thanks Guys.

Mike - i'm not sure if anyone would be crazy enough to use any of my techniques (for one thing they take forever), that said, i could do a step by step painting post when i run out of decent content. I've emailed you at the yahoo address you use on the Old School yahoo group.

cheers all.

Bloggerator said...

I'd have thought you could get a good enough approximation by using washes, going from light to dark..?