Thursday, 19 February 2009

Plastering with Peter

Above is an excerpt from The Hinchliffe Guide to Wargaming published in 1977. The experienced wargamer or modeller won't find anything new in this short guide but the novice dc found it very handy way back when.

With so many off the shelf structures available i wonder how many people scratch build these days..? By nature i'm a scratch builder but i have to admit that all of the buildings for my current projects are resin or plastic kits. That said, i hope to have a go at replicating Gilder's Chew House (as seen in Curt Johnson's 'Battles of the American Revolution') at some point soon...ish.


Anonymous said...

I have used his buildings at the Wargames Holiday Centre-still in very good nick. Remarkable bearing in mind their age & the amount of use they have had.

Bloggerator said...

Lovely stuff DC.


Greg Horne

littlejohn said...

still do a lot of scratchbuilding over here at Leadgardens...something about modeling a building really gets me in to the period...


DC said...


I've just been admiring the buildings on your blog - very nice! The Charles Grant style of building is very appealing, and you've clearly cracked the code on how to build them 'just so'. I'd like to see more...?