Monday, 9 February 2009

Ted Suren

Whilst i'm in the mood to shower praise on talented sculptors it would be remiss of me not to mention the late Ted Suren. Suren's 30mm creations ooze character, and have a lean and hungry look that feels entirely appropriate. His 30mm AWI cavalry, once remounted on Gilder horses, fit remarkably well with Hinchliffe 25s (though his 30mm infantry are just a tad too big for me). Above we have Suren's George Washington and Baylors Dragoons officer mouted on Connoisseur medium horses.

Surens are currently available from Spencer Smith and Tradition. Beware though - some of the moulds are in bad shape, so be prepared to do a fair bit of clean-up. The end result is worth it i think. The good news is that Tradition are in the process of remastering and extending the Suren range.

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