Friday, 27 March 2009

Gilder Speaks!

An interview with Peter Gilder conducted by Don Featherstone from the March 1978 issue of Battle for Wargamers. I hope you'll agree that it's an interesting read.


Mike Siggins said...

Great stuff! I had no idea he was a racing cyclist. Some real insights there.

Tracey said...

hi there.. I have to ask as i'm no model maker or war games specialist but are you, the blogger, Peter Gilder? The reason i ask is my mum was good friends with your wife and i used to play as a child with your children and i remember you meeting Edward Woodward back in the 70's.

Sorry if i have this all wrong

DC said...

Tracey - no, i'm not, i'm just an admirer of his work. Sadly Peter died in 1990. His son Chris moved top the US a couple of years later and is still there, i've no idea about the rest of his family.

Tracey said...

Thanks for replying.. i had no idea he had died. it was Chris who i hung about with. are you in contact with him? whether it be facebook or anywhere? be good to catch up.
is Doreen, Peters wife still around? xx
i actually won a piece of Peters work back in 1977, i'd bought a raffle ticket for the silver jubilee and won, the things you suddenly remember! Seeing about Edward Woodwards death reminded me of Peter and his family this is why i got in touch x

DC said...

Chris Gilder's email address is