Thursday, 12 March 2009

More Gilder ECW

This dragoon officer is a Peter Gilder conversion. It's skilfully done - the harness and reins, musket sling and powder flask have been particularly finely modelled in wire and lead sheet. The musket sling even sports a hook for attaching the musket. Arguably the modelling was more skilfully carried out than the painting (which is a wee bit sloppy).

These figures also feature in Asquith's 'The Campaign of Naseby 1645' title for the Osprey Wargames series - you'll find them lurking behind Sulby Hedges in plate F. They were a bit shinier 30 years ago, but then weren't we all...

One of the things i've always liked about Hinchliffe is the conversion potential (i'm sure they were deliberately designed to allow the customer to animate and convert them easily - hence the long arms!). Now that Hinchliffe use a rock hard allow (pewter?), much of that potential has gone - which is a real shame.


johnpreece said...

Actually thats rather encouraging, even the master could have an off day. Although the painting is still better than I can manage after 30years practice.

I am particularly interested in the basing. I am looking at basing my own ECW figures and like the style of those. As always he suggests the effect he wants rather than putting every detail.

thanks for these lovely pictures.


DC said...

Thanks for dropping by. My comment wasn't really meant as a criticism of the painting (which is good) - it's just in comparison to the flawless conversion it seems a little sloppy.... but then i'm far too anal when it comes to fixing painting mistakes.

I'll post more ECW as i sort the figures out.

How's the Marlburian project going...8-)