Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A Minor Irritation

That's riflemen for you - annoying, but ultimately not battle winners. These chaps are mix of bog standard Hinchliffe AWI castings and conversions of ACW and Napoleonic figures - the 'Golden Anorak' award is up for grabs to anyone who can identify the donor castings.

If you are thinking that there's nothing very Grand in the Manner of these tiddly little units then you'd be right, but small units are easy to photograph. When i'm able to clear some space i'll do some shots of the larger AWI and ECW units.

Coming soon....i've dug out further Gilder articles (an interview, and a piece on Battleground) and a rather splendid Gilder ECW 'special'. Any preference...?


Anonymous said...

For the anorak award I recognise the bandaged officer as a Brit Napoleonic officer from the Foremost Range (Note to self: Must Get Some Friends).

How about the Batlegound piece next?


christot said...

Battleground gets my vote, but its all good

DC said...

Matt - you are beginning to frighten me...8-) That Foremost officer is pretty iconic as figures go, and i've seen him converted many times - i've used him more than once myself.

Just in case anyone cares the riflemen in stocking/liberty caps started life as ACW artillerymen - slap on a Spanish guerilla head and loads of milliput and Bob's your uncle..

And Battleground it is then.